About Me

My name is Jessilee and I’m 24 years old. There’s no doubt about it, I absolutely love food. I love it even more now that I eat meat after 8 years of being a vegetarian. Every one I ever ran into in my life tried to get me to make the flip, but becoming Paleo made me finally take the plunge. Bacon was my first taste back into the meat world, and let me tell you it was oh so amazing,(extra crunchy of course)! Starting the Paleo lifestyle and eating meat are one of the best decisions I have made in my life! I have never felt better. I try not to step on the scale and not let weight matter in my world, but I lost 4inches in the first 30days of Paleo. My energy levels became better, I had friends and coworkers say that my hair was so shiny, healthy, my skin was glowing and that I had an amazing hour glass shape! How could I not want to keep up with this lifestyle with all those compliments!?  My husband started as well, he is a United States Marine and he found every argument in the book to not go Paleo for months, he did his research and now he is able to tell others about it since he was so successful and lost 20lbs in two months!

 I’m very new to all this blogging and social media jazz so bear with me and enjoy my ramblings and recipes!


9 Responses to About Me

  1. Chelsea says:

    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to reading about your culinary masterpieces. Doesn’t everything just taste better with meat? Trust me, I know I was a raw vegan/fruitarian.!

  2. good for you! I recently went paleo as well! I always ate meat just not red meat, i am slowly re-introducing it into my diet. I just started blogging as well! Looking forward to following your blog 🙂

  3. primaltim says:

    Welcome to the Party Jessilee!! 🙂 WE are gonna take over the world!! It truly changes your life! Click on my blog for my story as well 🙂 I will be 1 year Paleo on 4/28/12 🙂


  4. lovetotrain says:

    Hey I just stumbled upon your blog.. how funny I also used to be veggie.. for 15 years! …and now i eat burgers for breakfast. ten year old me would die if she knew. looking forward to reading through your blog!

  5. Ashley Howe says:

    Ate you on Instagram? I’m making one of your recipes and always post pics and would like to tag you if possible. Thanks!

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